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Are you the one we’re looking for?

Manhattn’s is a small, fun and dynamic company. Our burgers are made with great care and topped off with excellence, that’s what we want to deliver on a daily basis. Therefore we can count on our fantastic team. Teamwork makes the dream work and oh boy do we dare to dream! With 5 restaurants in Belgium and some more exciting news to come we are constantly looking for new colleagues. So we can write this story together.

Our values


One boat, one team

Maybe you already visited one of our restaurants or maybe you ordered some of our delicious burgers via internet. That particular taste is the taste of collaboration and making the magic happen TOGETHER. A manager without kitchen staff will not be able to deliver one of our premium products nor will the kitchen staff be able to deliver the premium products in that short time in that particular way without the support of the Manager or other team members.



We are all passionate about our product and are proud of every smile we put on our customer’s face. We do magic and live & breathe hospitality.



Energy attracts energy and that is exactly what we are looking for at Manhattn’s! Please go and be your bubbly self. We need to inject this in our customers and it matches well with our DNA.



Integrity, honesty and transparency are key. It creates accessibility for our biggest capital : our clients and our team. To us it is not only an anchor but a true culture.


Lead by example

Exemplarity is everything. At Manhattn’s we strive for excellence and that is why we all want to create a picture of what is really possible, within reach and is becoming our common goal at the same time.

Meet The Founders

Phil Vandermeulen

Phil Vandermeulen

Phil, Jerry's brother, graduated as a chef at Spermalie Hotelschool in Bruges. Phil has an extensive culinary track-record in the Belgian restaurant scene where he developed a passion for excellent food with an appreciation for American cuisine.

Jerry Vandermeulen

Jerry Vandermeulen

After graduating in Brooklynomics, Jerry moved to Manhattan where he started working as a Belgian waffle merchant. In 2014, he founded Manhattn's in the revolutionary spirit of giving people the opportunity to be a part of the entertaining and enchanting New York experience.