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The Burgers

Manhattn's Empire Cheeseburger Manhattn's

Empire Cheeseburger

irish beef, matured cheddar, secret sauce, tomato, pickle & lettuce

 Manhattn's Rockefeller Burger Manhatten's

Rockefeller burger

irish beef, matured cheddar, crispy bacon, caramelized onions, smokey bbq sauce & lettuce

Manhattn's Gotham Burger Manhatten's

Gotham Burger

irish beef, tomme de savoie aoc, caramelized onions, pepper sauce & lettuce

Manhattn's Gatsby Burger Manhatten's

Gatsby Burger

irish beef, dutch cheese, sautéed wild mushrooms, 
truffle mayo, crispy bacon & lettuce

Manhattn's Tribeca Chicken Burger Manhatten's

Tribeca Chicken Burger

marinated grilled chicken, matured cheddar, pepper sauce, tomato, pickle & lettuce

Manhattn's Brooklyn Veggie Burger Manhatten's

Brooklyn Veggie Burger

grilled veggie burger, matured cheddar, grilled aubergine, 
tomato, salsa verde & lettuce

Double fried with damn delicious

Fresh homemade fries & sauces double fried

Get outta here Fresh salads always

For chicken or veggie lovers

Forgetaboutit homemade chocolate chip cookies

Manhattn's notorious homemade iced tea

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