How it all started.


Belgian Director of the Dutch colony Nova Belgica, Peter Minuit

On May 24, the Belgian Director of the Dutch colony Nova Belgica, Peter Minuit, purchased the island of Mannahatta from the Native American Lenape people for 24$.


Manhattn's Belgian waffles in NYC

A Belgian New Yorker starts selling Belgian waffles and other typical Belgian products in the streets of Manhattan.


Manhattn's Vandermeulen Brothers

The Vandermeulen Brothers want to bring the entertaining and enchanting New York experience to the world, starting in their country of origin: Belgium.


Manhattn's Avenue Louise 164

On October 22nd 2014, Manhattn's opened its doors for the first time on 164 Avenue Louise. Amidst skyscrapers and the busy Place Stephanie, this famous Belgian avenue makes you feel like a New Yorker.

Meet the famiglia


Phil Vandermeulen


Phil, Jerry's brother, graduated as a chef at Spermalie Hotelschool in Bruges. Phil has an extensive culinary track-record in the Belgian restaurant scene where he developed a passion for excellent food with an appreciation for American cuisine. Phil has the extraordinary ability to put his soul and enthusiasm into every Manhattn's product.

Jerry Vandermeulen


After graduating in Brooklynomics, Jerry moved to Manhattan where he started working as a Belgian waffle merchant. For 2 years he mastered the ins and outs of the NYC food truck scene and street life in general. In 2014, he founded Manhattn's in the revolutionary spirit of giving people the opportunity to be a part of the entertaining and enchanting New York experience.

Evi for Manhattns


HR manager

Evi has always been passionate about hospitality and gained experience in the hotel business. Evi loves working for Manhattn’s because it’s a growing company in full expansion lead by people that are 100% passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Evi takes care of our people on a daily basis.

Olivier for Manhattns


Chief operations officer

Olivier has a longstanding experience in some of the most prestigious hotel brands in the UK and Europe, including IHG, Hilton and NH Hotels and a strong experience in the international movie theater group Kinepolis. Olivier draws on his knowledge of the hospitality sector and theater sector to take Manhattn's to the next level. His professionalism, excellent character, comprehensive expertise and team player attitude make him a great business partner.

Join the famiglia

Manhattn's is a small, fun and dynamic company. Manhattn's offers great job opportunities for people who put their soul into everything that touches our customers.

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